Christian Marriage Advice

” We were embarrassed to turn to our Pastor for marriage advice, and much of the information we found on the internet offended us as Christians. We are so glad we found a legitimate site for Christian marriage advice.”

Are you looking for a FAITH BASED approach to improving your marriage? You are NOT ALONE. Do you know that the divorce rate is actually slightly higher amongst Christians than it is for other sectors of the population? Does that surprise you? While the internet is full of excellent programs that can provide an effective, cheaper, more confidential approach to marriage counseling, not all of the content is appropriate for Christians. What is needed is a resource catered specifically towards Christian marriage advice.

“Generic” counseling resources for marriages may not meet your needs as Christians. At worst, some of the information and images provided can be highly offensive. At best, the whole aspect of God and your faith playing an essential part in the success of your Christian marriage is ignored. We have reviewed many of the top marriage counseling programs available today and have found an excellent resources for ALL Christian marriages – even those not currently in crisis.

If you believe that any time and energy you spend on improving your relationship with your spouse, then please check out the resource below.

Your marriage CAN BE everything you hope and dream it to be, fulfilling emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

Our # 1 Pick

“Save Your Christian Marriage” by Rev. Lee Baucom Ph.D.

  • Reverend Lee Baucom Ph.D. has 20 years experience as a relationship therapist, author and Pastoral Counselor
  • His book provides critical information to improve the quality of any marriage (even those NOT in crisis)
  • His solutions and advice come from a faith based perspective
  • The material avoids any content or images that you may find offensive
  • Unconditional 60 Day Guarantee
  • Free e-course available when visiting his website – you have nothing to lose trying it out!



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