Can A Marriage Be Saved

Can a marriage be saved, even if one spouse is unwilling to work on it? The answer is a resounding YES – thousands have successfully fixed their marriage and you’re about to learn how!

Have you heard any of these “famous last words” from your spouse lately?


  • “We’re just friends.”
  • “I only read it for the articles.”
  • “It only happened once, honestly!”
  • “It didn’t mean anything.”
  • “It was a wrong number.”
  • “I can stop anytime I want.”
  • “I found it at work.” (referring to a new piece
 of jewelry)
  • “I have a headache.” (for the 10th time)
  • “I’m tired.” (for the 10th time)
  • “What other bank account?”



These phrases are just some of the many clues that your marriage is in trouble. And the truth is, if your marriage is struggling you are probably already aware of it. Has you spouse been emotionally or physically distant? Do your only conversations with your spouse revolve around the delegation of chores and parental responsibilities? Given a few precious hours of spare time would your spouse rather spend his time with his friends or with a hobby instead of with you?
This is the place that MANY, MANY marriages find themselves. Often times one spouse wants to improve things before things get worse, but the other spouse is evasive, disinterested or just plain ridicules the idea of traditional marriage counseling. Can a marriage be saved under these circumstances or is it inevitably on a fast track to divorce court?

Don’t Despair! There is an answer! Your Marriage Can Be Saved! Even If Your Spouse Is Unwilling To Work On It!

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Many marriage saving products available to day are starting to cater to this very problem. Traditional marriage counseling is expensive, time consuming and irrelevant if your spouse won’t participate with you. But the good news is that other options are available.
We have read, participated in and reviewed most of the top marriage saving books and courses available on the internet today.

If you find yourself alone in your desire to fix a marriage, by far the best option for you to consider is Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness. It is the only marriage saving program to offer a completely comprehensive “Lone Ranger Track”. Workbooks, audio programs and even coaching teleconferences focus solely on helping you change both the energy and the love habits in your marriage.

Let’s face it. You are 50% of your marriage. Maybe you can’t control what your spouse does, but you can control your words, thoughts, actions and habits. If you can change the way you interact in the marriage you can make a 50% improvement. For the thousands of people who have successfully participated in  Marriage Fitness, that 50 % has proven to be more than enough to turn things in a positive direction with their spouse ultimately getting on board to make things better.

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Don’t delay! You can’t control what your spouse does, but don’t let  YOUR inaction put your marriage at risk!!

#1 Pick For Spouses Working Alone

Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel

  • Complete “relationship renewal” program. Learn to dramatically improve your relationship, even if your partner is unwilling to work on it. Only major program that offers a “Lone Ranger” option.
  • Different options available, according to your budget
  • Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp includes CDs. workbooks, teleconferences and even 1 on 1 coaching. This is the most fully comprehensive and the “Cadiallac” of these types of programs and is groundbreaking in the field. Truly amazing results, but it  might be out of some budgets.
  • Marriage Fitness 5 Audio Program, also excellent for those on a tighter budget.
  • Professional support and customer service staff
  • Unconditional Guarantee


Many FREE resources are available on the Marriage Fitness site. There is a free marriage assessment and e-course. This site offers quality free resources that are better than much of the stuff out there for which other people charge a lot of  money.